Nautica Del Delta official dealer Saxdor

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29 February 2024
Venice Boat Show 2024 – Saxdor among the novelties of Nautica del Delta together with Sessa marine and Beneteau
24 April 2024


Nautica Del Delta is pleased to announce that it is – from today – the official reseller of the prestigious nautical brand Saxdor. Saxdor is a Finnish shipyard based in Helsinki, with a production plant in Elk, Poland.

Founded in 2016, it quickly established itself in the nautical market for the production of very high quality boats, characterized by: modern and attractive design, which combines elegant lines with functionality and comfort, fuel efficiency thanks to the use of advanced technologies and designed hulls to optimize the hydrodynamics and the exclusive hull which guarantees stability and excellent performance even in rough sea conditions (like the Baltic Sea, where it was born).

Models for all needs that include different ranges of boats, from 27 foot day cruisers to 32 foot cabin cruisers, to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers.

Choosing a boat means purchasing a high quality vessel, with a modern design and excellent performance, efficient in consumption (able to optimize refueling costs), versatile and comfortable, suitable for different navigation needs.


Nautica Del Delta offers the opportunity to experience first-hand the quality of the Saxdor models with its very first boat – available for immediate delivery – for summer 2024, namely the Saxdor 320 GTO model, supplied with a T-top and a walk-in deck. around.

All three versions (GTO, GTC and GT) share a refined design, fast and powerful outboard performance and a refined and economical hull shape that together make the combination of Italian design, American functionality, German quality and French prices!

Finally, we remind you that the Saxdor 320 GTO and 400 GTO models will be available at the next Venice Boat Show 2024, at our stand from 29 May to 2 June 2024.