Jànos Gidai

Nicola Napoli
6 Settembre 2018
Livio Antonini
11 Settembre 2018

My name is János Gidai from Hungary. We decided with my family three years ago to buy a new motor boat. We were looking for more possibilities, so we found the Nautica del Delta company and there Mr. Simone Orlandini CEO.
We were gone to Cannes Boat Show in 2015. and we heve met personally with Mr. Simone Orlandini. He gave us very professional and throrough answers to our questions and suggested a shipyard whose boat was at the Show.

We have seen the boat together with him and he organized a test trip. Mr. Simone Orlandini detailed and accurately explained the boat’s parameters and proposed different navigation devices. He continuosly informed us during the production process and when we went out to shipyard he organized the visit very accurately and provided all technical and commercial information. He arranged the takeover of the boat and assisted with the registration process. When problems were during the use of the boat he solved them immediately and he also went to our Crotian marina to check the boat. I personally experienced a very good businessman with an excellent professional knowledge in him. His main goal is always to find the best solution.

I recommend to anyone who wants to buy a boat to look for Nautica del Delta company and there Mr. Simone Orlandini.